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Payment Method

Online credit card payment (NBePay)

You can pay online immediately using your Visa or MasterCard.

 Credit card transactions are processed real-time by the NBePay payment gateway and are guaranteed safe and secure.   

We recommend using online credit card payment to expedite processing and delivery of your order. 



Manual payment [Cash deposit or fund transfer (Malaysia only)] 

You can directly deposit cash/cheques or transfer funds to our Maybank or CIMB bank account: 


Account name: 

Account number:



Account name:

Account number:

Deposits can be made at any of the bank branches or cash/cheque deposit machines. Transfers can be made via their ATMs.

Please then email us (admin@ladiesonlinefashion.com) the payment details including which bank, date and time of transaction and amount paid for our verification. 

Once payment verified (from our online account monitoring), we will be processed the immediately and ship your order the following working days.


PayPal (International)

Paypal Account :  


Cheque (Malaysia only) 

All cheques should be crossed and made payable to xxx.  Please write your order number and phone number on the reverse side of the cheque for our acknowledgement.


Please do not send cash by post.